Technology Development

Technology development is critically important for any developing country. This project will focus mostly on technology development which is according to the Namibian Vision 2030, the Namibian National Development Plan 5 and Africa’s Vision 2063, seen as one of the key drivers to the modernisation of Africa.

The list of proposed technologies to be developed, resulted from a consultative process that was conducted in preparation of the Agreement. Consultative meetings were held with numerous stakeholders and are included for each of the Sub-Projects (SP).


Project 1: Optimisation of Manual Bush Control Methods and Technologies

Project 2: Biochar Production, Processing and Testing

- Project 3: Techno-Economical Assessment of Bio-Gasification Technologies for Off-Grid Electrification

Project 4: Techno-Economical Assessment of Production Technology of Animal Feedstock from Bush

- Project 5: Development Wood Plastic Composite Production Technologies